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Strength and mobility classes at Oaks Lodge in Newmarket

I am now offering small group classes from the beautiful Oaks Lodge clinic in Newmarket - focusing on strength and mobility for rehabilitation, recovery and day to day life.

One hour sessions with small groups of 2 to 3 - and your initial consultation is always 1-2-1. Every Monday, with both daytime and evening sessions available.

What classes involve

My classes at Oaks Lodge focus on improving all round strength and mobility, through a combination of everyday functional movements, such as lunges and squats, isolation exercises targeting particular muscle groups (especially when there is an imbalance due to previous injury or weakness of an area), and mobility drills to improve flexibility.

What to expect from your first session

We'll begin by talking through your fitness goals, your experience with exercise, and any injuries that I may need to be aware of. We'll then go through a warm-up, proceed to a main element of exercises and functional mobility drills, and finish with a progression of cool-down stretches. Throughout the session I will assess your movement dynamics to allow me to modify exercises appropriately for you, and identify any key areas to focus on.

Next steps

To book your first consultation, as well as for any questions you may have about the classes and how they can help you, contact me using the Chat button at the bottom of the screen, with the contact form here, or using the details just below.

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