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1 2 1 Personal Training

Hi! And welcome to 1 2 1 training. Let's start by talking about your fitness goals - if you're looking for weight loss - for toning and muscle building - to improve your strength and flexibility - then you're in the right place. 

1 2 1 provides the guidance, expertise and support you need to achieve the results you want - delivered in your own home at a time which suits you.

Woman fitness exercising workout personal training

What's included

1 2 1 consists of bespoke sessions tailored to your needs, with expert guidance on how to optimally and safely perform each exercise. Alongside the sessions you will receive comprehensive training planning and in-depth nutrition advice, as well support, guidance and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

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Who 1 2 1 training is for

Pretty much everyone! I work with you so that I can plan and adapt sessions to fit your goals and suit your fitness level. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey and need guidance on the best way to approach exercise, or are more experienced and need advice on technique and how to overcome training plateaus, 1 2 1 can help you.

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Where 1 2 1 training takes place

1 2 1 is personal training which comes to you! I conduct the session in your home, using any room with enough space to fit two exercise mats. I find this approach makes exercise more accessible and convenient for many people, compared to the standard gym environment. I'm happy to travel to anywhere within South Cambridgeshire.

Pricing and duration
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What to expect from your first session

We'll begin by talking through your fitness goals and experience with exercise, to inform my training approach so that it's right for you. We'll then go through a warm-up, proceed to a main element of structured exercises, and finish with a progression of mobility drills and cool-down stretches. Throughout the session I will assess your movement dynamics to allow me to modify exercises appropriately for you, and identify any key areas to focus on.

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Next steps

To begin your fitness journey and book your first 1 2 1 session, as well as for any questions you may have about personal training and how it can be the right choice for you, contact me using the Chat button at the bottom of the screen, with the contact form here, or using the details just below.

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