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Functional Fitness Classes near you!

Welcome to Functional Fitness - exercise classes for real life! Sessions are structured around a core aim of improving all round fitness, and teaching principles and techniques which are beneficial to how you move every day. Keep reading for more information on how they can help you, or click here to view the booking calendar and get started!

What classes cover

Functional Fitness sessions are designed to develop all aspects of your fitness, with conditioning exercises for improving movement patterns, balance and posture, strength training specifically for everyday tasks, a cardio element to promote cardiovascular health, and mobility drills to boost flexibility.


Why Functional Fitness?

Not just a bootcamp, and not just for weight loss - Functional Fitness classes are designed to promote lasting lifestyle change by improving body and movement dynamics; helping you to be healthy, active and pain free in your everyday life.  

Locations and Schedule

Check out the available locations and their class schedules below.

For more info on how to find a location, click on its map to go to Google Maps.

 Sessions are held all year round - outdoors when the weather is favourable, and indoors when not.

Northstowe Community Centre Google Maps.png

The Cabin Community Centre


Indoor classes in Northstowe are returning soon every Saturday morning at 9.15am, at the Cabin Community Centre, from 6th April.

There's parking on the Green, and along Stirling Road which runs beside it.

And coffee and hot chocolate is available at the self-service machine in the café area!

Cottenham Village Hall Pavilion.png

Cottenham Pavilion


Classes in Cottenham run every Thursday evening at 7pm, and Sunday morning at 9am, at the Pavilion and on the surrounding Recreation Ground, just across from the Village Hall.

There's plenty of parking in the Village Hall car park.

Western Park Sports Pavilion Google Maps.png

Western Park Sports Pavilion


Outdoor classes in Northstowe are launching soon every Sunday morning at 11.00am, starting 3rd March, on the multi-use courts behind the Western Park Sports Pavilion.

There's plenty of parking in the Pavilion's car park, accessed from Peppercorn Drive.

Refreshments are also available at the Pavilion's bar and café area!

Swavesey Community Pavilion.png

Community Pavilion


Classes in Swavesey run every Wednesday evening at 7pm, at the Community Pavilion and on the surrounding Recreation Green.

For parking, please park along the High Street, opposite the Green.

What to expect from your first session

Once everyone has arrived and said hello, we'll begin by going through a warm-up of light cardio and mobility drills, then move on to instruction and practice of a functional exercise (such as squats or crouches). We'll then go through a segment of strength training exercises, followed by a short burst of cardio (with options for different levels of intensity), and finish the session with a sequence of cool-down stretches and mobility drills.


Next steps

Click here to go to the class calendar and book your first session! And for any questions you may have on how Functional Fitness classes will be able to benefit you, contact me using the Chat button at the bottom of the screen, with the contact form here, or using the details at the bottom of the page.

  • 5 session Functional Fitness pack

    Receive a discount by buying a pack, and then booking sessions as and when you want
    Valid for 2 years
  • 10 session Functional Fitness pack

    Receive a discount by buying a pack, and then booking sessions as and when you want
    Valid for 2 years
  • 20 session Functional Fitness pack

    Receive a discount by buying a pack, and then booking sessions as and when you want
    Valid for 2 years
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