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Welcome to ShapeXchange

Personal training and fitness classes, for everyone

No matter your goals, your body type, or your experience, training with ShapeXchange will give you a path to improving all aspects of your fitness. Both 1 2 1 sessions and group classes are available in and around Cambridge, providing the right training options to bring the changes that you want to see - at times which can fit around a busy schedule and work for you.

Who I am and what I do

Helping people make positive lifestyle changes

Hi! I'm Hektor. I'm a personal trainer, and I set up ShapeXchange because of my passion for guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle. I do this by working with you to find out your goals, your areas of strength, any limitations you may have, and then building a customised plan to improve your fitness, confidence and wellbeing. Alongside this, I work to empower you with the advice and knowledge you need to maintain and continue with positive lifestyle change.

Personal Trainer
Preparing for exercise

Fitness for real life

A focus on functional fitness

I believe that fitness should be useful. Not just during a training session, but all day every day, no matter where you are or what you're doing. It's the ability for you to be able to take on any physical challenge that everyday life brings your way, and know that you and your body are ready. I ensure that all my sessions and programs include a combination of training for strength, stamina, balance and flexibility, tailored to fit your individual needs   - so that you can have confidence in your fitness for any situation.

Get started!

Where to go next

Check out the 1 2 1 Personal Training and Functional Fitness classes pages for all the details of what's included, times and locations, prices, and how to book. Also take a look at the FAQ for answers to lots of the common questions you may have. And for more information or just a chat on how to get your fitness journey started, contact me using the Chat button at the bottom of the screen, the contact form below, or the details at the bottom of the page.

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